"Programming isn't about what you know; it's about what you can figure out"

Chris Pine

"Jack of all trades - master of none - oftentimes better than a master of one.

A former computer science student, a coding bootcamp graduate, a business major, notary public, a STEM and coding instructor, Chief Operations Officer, and Center Manager are all things I am. Titles I've held in the past include cashier, teacher's assistant, salesperson assistant, and tutor. And with each position came numerous learning opportunities and their own challenges to be overcome.

I am the type of person who asks "Why not?" when faced with opportunity and difficulities. The world around us is constantly evolving and developing; learning and adapting is an apparent part of the journey.

Being a Full Stack Web Developer

Having majored in computer science in university, I have confidence in acknowledging my passion for software development. Learning through mentorship, CodingDojo's bootcamp gave me invaluable experience and knowledge. A touch into Express, MongoDB, React, and Node.js gave me a more well-rounded foundation with not only front-end skills but also back-end knowledge. The project based curriculum provided more guided practice with Python, Java, JavaScript and React. It was the portfolio through the dojo that I landed my first couple clients.

As a Business Major

Growing up in an entrepenuer-type household, business has always perked my curiousity. But knowing the percentage of business that fail within the first year of being founded, I know there is a lot for me to learn before being ready for my own project. Being a Chief Operations Officer and Center Manager has provided me crucial experience and mentorship in learning about the business industry and I couldn't be more grateful.