Tina Huynh's Dev Card

Hi, My name is Tina Huynh

Technology is our future; the focus of the newer generations to come is rooted deep inside the new innovations that are being developed right this very second. We will turn what was once "impossible" into the new normal.

But as true as that is, a future where we have more time, energy, resources and abundance to create the life of our dreams is truly the life we all deserve. A life where we are in control of our time, our money, and our values. That is our tomorrow; that is the tomorrow I dream of creating and am building each and every day.

Our tomorrow starts today. A journey of a thousand steps starts with one; and the farthest journey you will ever have to travel is the distance between your head and your heart. At the end of the day, you are your own greatest enemy because your fear is everything that stands in your way. Conquer that and everything else will fall into their places.

Some things I am currently invested in are:

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